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West Midlands Board of Remembering Srebrenica in cooperation with BH UK Network and King Edward Camp Hill School for Boys organised a conference on 14th July to mark Srebrenica Memorial Day. 

This was a powerful and moving evening with the famous opera singers, Dženana Šehanović Sarajlić and  Dženana Huseinagić from Bosnia-Herzegovina as well speeches from well known speakers. 

Azra Omerbegović


Speakers of the event were: His Excellency Ambassador Vanja Filipovic; Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth ; Professor Eric Gordy, renowned expert on Bosnia-Herzegovina ;Azra Omerbegovic, Survivor ; Hana Ceric, Second Generation Survivor and Ibrahim Omerbegovic, Second Generation Survivor. 

Ibrahim Omerbegovic read a Srebrenica prayer and Hana Ceric read the poem about Srebrenica genocide. 

Many  Bosnians and Herzegovinians attended  this

 amazing and wonderful evening along with their family and friends.

Thanks to everyone who made every effort to attend  and participate in this important event.

Hana Cerić


Ibrahim Omerbegović