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Advocacy Worker

PART- TIME, 14 hours a week

£12,188 per annum plus 3% inflation increase for each year and pension at 9%

Note: This is a three-year fixed term contract with likely possibility for extension subject to further funding being secured

The BHCAC is an independent charity organisation providing free information, advice and advocacy services to disadvantaged and marginalised Londoners from West Balkans and wider Brent community.

We are currently funded by Brent Council, City Bridge Trust and the National Lottery Community Fund to deliver services for disadvantaged and marginalised Londoners from West Balkans and wider Brent community.

We are seeking an enthusiastic individual with experience in advocacy and service delivery to build on our achievements to date and to drive forward innovative services that provide our beneficiaries with quality support.

You will be part of the BHCAC team and will take responsibility for implementation of the Projects ‘services and activities. If you are fluent in English-Bosnian/Serbo/ Croat languages with experience or qualification in social care/advocacy, law field or advice on Welfare Benefits, Housing, Social Care or Health, we want to hear from you. For job pack including electronic version of the employment application form please email us on


Closing date: 7 February 2020

CVs are not accepted

 Interview: Week beginning 10th of February 2020


The Recruitment Process at BHCAC

Please read the following carefully before completing your application form.

1. Selecting the best person for the job

As a part of the BHCAC’s commitment to equal opportunities all candidates are treated in exactly the same way throughout the recruitment process.
It is vital that you take care in completing the application form as fully as possible. The information in it will guide us in considering whether you have the right qualifications, skills and/ or experience for the job. A CV will not be accepted.

2. Job description and person specification
The job description describes the duties of the job. It sets out the range of responsibilities and tasks.

The person specification describes the person we are looking for by describing the abilities, skills and experience needed to do the job. We will be looking at your application form to see how you fit the person specification- the extent to which you have the relevant skills and experience.

You need to consider

  •   Is the job description one you are interesting in?
  •   Do you think you have the skills and experience to apply for the vacancy?
  •   Can you demonstrate this on the form?

3. The application form
Post applied for
Please state the name of the post you are applying for.

Personal Details

Make sure that your name, address and post code, with telephone number is written or typed clearly. If you move house after sending in your form and before being interviewed, please let us know as soon as possible.


These must be known to you in a work capacity, and should be given by the person who line managed you. If this is not possible you should clearly explain the relationship and the reason for giving another person as referee. It may be someone who can comment on your ability, skills, experience, e.g. a community leader you have been doing community work with.


Starting with your current and last employer, list all the employers you have worked for. Provide the job title and the period you worked for them. If possible give exact dates. Describe the main duties of the post, in one or two sentences only. This information may be used to assess whether you meet the experience required for the vacancy. Check that dates are correct and in chronological order.

Education and Training

Give a list of formal and informal training. Formal training is that which is certified. Sometimes we ask for specific qualifications. You may need to provide information so that we can assess whether you meet the qualification requirements.


Please state if you have any disability. An open invitation will be given to short- listed applicants with a disability to discuss their specific needs and requirements. BHCAC will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the specific needs of disabled employees are met.

Supporting information (Personal Statement)

This is probably the most important part of the form. You have to make a case here for selection.

It is usually good idea to use extracts from the person specification as headings and answer them as questions. You have to demonstrate how your experience matches the criteria in the person specification. In considering your experience, remember all your previous work and draw on this to demonstrate that you have necessary skills.

Do not forget other relevant experience outside work, such as community/ voluntary/ leisure and other interests- if they contribute to meeting the person specification. Describe any relevant skills this has helped you develop.

Remember, it is your skills and abilities relevant to this job that we are looking for focus on ensuring you meet the essential criteria in the person specification.

Using the person specification to help you fill in the form

You may want to use the points in the person specification as headings when filling in the section of the application form that says “personal statement”. Or you may prefer to write a paragraph on each criteria, more in an easy format.

4. TheInterview

All short listed candidates will be invited, by email and occasionally by telephone, to attend an interview. The email will inform you of the time, location, and contact for the interview.

The recruitment and selection panel will be comprised of a minimum of three people, and will include the relevant line manager of the post. The panel will always try to ensure that gender, ethnicity are represented on the selection panel. All panel members will have to be familiarised with the Bosnia and Herzegovina Community Advice Centre’s Recruitment and Selection policy and procedures.

Applicants will be asked questions relating to the job description, person specification and application, and the panel will take notes during the course of the interview. This is part of the procedure to ensure that all applicants are treated fairly.

If you are not sure that you have understood the questions do not be afraid to ask for it to be repeated, or rephrased. Take you time and ensure you have included all the main points you want to get across in your answer.

In preparation for the interview, take the opportunity to visit our website to familiarise yourself with our work and read through the job description, application form and be prepared to talk about your experience, giving examples that illustrate your ability to do particular parts of the job.

If you have any special requirements that would allow you to participate more fully in the interview, let us know when you telephone or email to confirm your attendance at interview.



£12,188 per annum plus 3% inflation increase for each year and pension at 9%

Main Purpose of Job: The Advocacy Worker will deliver targeted support and an independent advocacy service to disadvantaged and marginalised Londoners from West Balkans and wider Brent community by empowering people to express their views, wishes and choices. The Advocacy Worker will ensure that beneficiaries are able to remain as involved as possible in all decisions which affect their lives and have an easy access to external and specialist services.

Accountable to: Trustees of the BHCAC Responsible to: Project Manager

Working arrangements: The post holder will be expected to work a 14-hour week. However, the demands placed upon the support system for disadvantaged and marginalised Londoners from West Balkans and wider Brent community, are by their very nature unpredictable and changeable. It is envisaged that the post holder will be flexible, sometimes working outside office hours.

Key Responsibility Areas:

1. Advocacy, advice and support to increase access to welfare benefits, health, social and community care, housing and other services.

2. Healthandwelfarepromotiontoimprovecommunication 3. Administrationandgeneral

Key area 1: Advocacy, advice and support to increase access to welfare benefits, health, social and community care, housing and other services.
1.1 To work with the Project Manager and Senior Advocacy Worker in developing and maintaining advocacy services to disadvantaged and marginalised Londoners from West Balkans and wider Brent community.

1.2 To assess referrals made to the advocacy service.
1.3 To work with individual beneficiary and identify support and advocacy issues which beneficiaries

wish to resolve.
1.5 To agree with individual beneficiary and with those involved in their care the likely outcomes of

the support and advocacy intervention and the time-scales involved.
1.6 To build and maintain relationships with beneficiaries based on mutual respect, dignity and honesty.
1.7 To enable beneficiaries to represent themselves, where possible, or speak up on their behalf. 1.8 To empower and involve individual beneficiary as much as possible in decisions that affect

1.9 To support vulnerable beneficiaries in making decisions about their future; i.e. housing, health,

care and daily living needs.
1.10 To represent the views, needs and rights of individual beneficiary on a formal

and informal basis to others involved in their life and care. To liaise with statutory organisations

and voluntary groups as directed by the beneficiary.
1.12 To refer beneficiaries to other appropriate agencies as required and ensure easy access.

Advocacy Worker- JD&PS January 2020


Bosnia and Herzegovina Community Advice Centre (BHCAC)

Key area 2:

2.1 Identifying social policy issues affecting BHCAC’s beneficiaries.

2.2 Keeping beneficiaries’ informed about organisational activities and new developments and initiatives locally, regionally and nationally which may affect them.

2.3 Gather, disseminate and produce information through quarterly newsletter in Bosnian-Serbo- Croat language.

Key area 3: Administration and general

3.1 Maintain detailed case records using AdvicePro, or other suitable computer data package, for the purpose of continuity of casework, information retrieval and statistical monitoring and report preparation.

3.2 Use IT for statistical recording of information relating to funding requirements, record keeping and document production.

3.3 Provide case studies and statistical information as requested for reporting purposes on the number of clients and nature of cases.

3.4 Writing reports as required in a timely manner, including formal reporting under the role of an Advocate.

3.5 Ensure that all work conforms to the organisation’s quality standards, systems and procedures.

3.6 Ensure all sensitive data is adequately protected and handled in accordance with the organisational confidentiality policy and procedure; and in line with data protection regulations.

3.7 Develop and maintain good working relationship with the team, sharing information and making positive contribution.

3.8 Develop and maintain good relationship with other statutory and voluntary sector providers and other stakeholders.

3.9 Attend regular training to develop knowledge, skills and expertise.

3.10 Keep informed of new and changing legislations relevant to the post, and of local issues and policies.

3.11 Read regular Welfare Rights bulleting.

3.12 Attend and contribute to support and supervision and appraisal meetings with the line manager, to further own development.

  1. 3.13  Facilitate group sessions when required, as directed by the Project Manager.
  2. 3.14  Monitoring beneficiaries’ satisfaction with the quality of service provided.
  3. 3.15  Willingness to work at Bosnia and Herzegovina Community Advice Centre’s outreach

locations as required; ensuring effective service delivery.

3.16 Willingness to abide by the Health and Safety guidelines of the organisation having, due regard for your own health and safety, and the health and safety of others.

3.17 The potholder must understand, and be committed to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Community Advice Centre’s vision, mission and work by its values.

3.18 Present a positive image of Bosnia and Herzegovina Community Advice Centre at all times; protect the integrity and its reputation of the service.

  1. 3.19  To assist in fundraising or income generation activities organised by BHCAC.
  2. 3.20  To undertake any other reasonable duties as requested by the Project Manager.

Advocacy Worker- JD&PS January 2020


Bosnia and Herzegovina Community Advice Centre (BHCAC) PERSON SPECIFICATION

SKILLS & EXPERIENCE: the ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate following in the application form


  •   Qualifications in Health, Social Care, Generalist Advice Work.
  •   3 or more GCSEs including Maths and English.
  •   A-levels or equivalent


√ √

Desirable √


  •   Experience within the public or voluntary sector; working in health, social care or information and advice, in direct contact with service users in a paid capacity.
  •   Experience of supporting or caring for older Londoners from West Balkans in any capacity (paid voluntary, family or friends).
  •   Ability to plan and organise one’s work to meet deadlines, particularly whenunder pressure, whilst continuing to maintain quality standards.
  •   Good working knowledge of ICT packages, in particular ability to use IT to maintain database, record cases and write reports.
  •   Ability and willingness to work well within a team, sharing information, contributing positively whilst being able to challenge sensitively and receive constructive feedback.
  •   Excellent communication skills and able to provide high level written reports.
  •   Must have a clear understanding of, and commitment to Bosnia andHerzegovina Community Advice Centre’s vision, mission and the ability toshare its values.
  •   Understanding of the need to monitor the experience of clients and differenceour service makes in order to support further work or secure funding.
  •   Fluent in English-Bosnian-Serbo-Croat languages.


√ √

√ √ √ √

Desirable √




  •   Pro-active approach to work with very good attention to detail and ability to multi-task.
  •   A positive and adaptable approach to changing environment.
  •   Good interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to wide cross section ofpeople, including the ability to deal with potentially difficult or stressfulsituations, whilst maintaining professional approach.
  •   Flexible approach to service delivery, including willingness to work outsidenormal hours and/or outreach locations if required.
  •   Self-motivated and an ability to work on one’s own initiative with minimalsupervision.
  •   This position requires post holders to undertake an Enhanced DBS disclosureprior to employment and every three years thereafter.


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