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This is the only piece of jewellery that emotionally binds me to my family and my homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have brought it with me in the UK in 1993 when I left Sarajevo in the midst of war. It was very hard to hide it and bring it to the new country. But that is something I had to do as I felt that was the only way to preserve my family history. I wear it very often and it always brings memories to my mind.

Pictured is a gold medallion with a gold chain that is emotionally and materialistically priceless to me. The medallion comes from my grandfather’s Italian family; he survived two world wars and also the third war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This medallion is Venetian work with special applications and also handmade. When the medallion is opened, pictures can be placed inside. Since the time I inherited it from my mother I have put a picture of my daughter in it.

Zdenka Besara